At Eyewear on the go, we care about your convenience.

Enjoy the time-saving benefit and one-on-one eyewear shopping experience offered by our team of Opticians and Eye-style Consultants!
With over 25 years of experience in optics and eyewear, we make shopping for glasses enjoyable and effortless.

Meet Zahra

Your Personal Optician & Eye-style Consultant

As an optician and eye style consultant, my mission is to create an affordable yet personalized shopping experience as unique as each of my clients. By combining my passion for fashion and style with my desire to help people feel their best, I am proud to offer an eye-styling experience focused on convenience, affordability, and impeccable style.
The two things people don’t have enough of are time and money. We’ve solved this problem by offering individuals an alternative way to shop for eyewear.
Eyewear on the go focuses on the client’s experience while eliminating brick and mortar expenses, allowing us to translate those savings directly to our clients.
It all begins with listening to your story, getting to know your unique personality, and tailoring a look that complements your style.


Everything you need to know about Eyewear on the go

Have the luxury of shopping in the comfort of your home or office at no additional cost. Our team of registered opticians offers a convenient and affordable custom eye-styling shopping experience, at the location of your choice and when it is most convenient for you.
Whether you obtain your prescription by your optometrist or ours, we will complete an eye-style consultation, at your preferred location. Just like a personal shopper, we will ask you lifestyle questions to gain a better understanding of your typical day, eyewear use, and vision requirements.
Together, we select the frames and lenses to meet your needs and take all the necessary measurements.
Once your eyewear is ready, we will custom fit your frames at the location of your choice. Our Eyestyle Consultants will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit and flawless look.


  • Single vision
  • Bifocal
  • Multifocal
  • Office lenses
  • Safety and sports Eyewear
  • Prescription and nonprescription sunglasses
  • Vocational lenses
  • Virtual consultations


Zahra is fantastic! She works according to your schedule, meets at your location of choosing, works with you until you find the most comfortable fit that looks great on you. And the prices are very reasonable. She exemplifies customer service at its best!! I am happy to recommend Eyewear on the go to anyone and everyone!!

— Iqbal Sagani —

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